Everybody Scream for Ice Cream



On April 29th, we had 30 matches attend our first-ever Big Scoop Little Scoop event at Drummond Hill Presbyterian Church. Though it was a rainy day outside, all matches still had a blast enjoying our sundae bar, coloring & activity pages, and participating in group activities.

“It was rewarding to see our Little’s eyes light up when they saw the toppings station,” says Lauren Leo, Supervisor of Programs and Services at BBBSN. “Ice cream was such a great idea because who doesn’t love ice cream! All the matches had a great time, it was a fun event and a great way to kick off the spring/summer season.”

Everyone was happy to go up for a second scoop, then load up on toppings ranging from candy, fruit, and so much more! Thank you to Drummond Hill Presbyterian Church for donating their beautiful space for the event.

You could say our first ever Niagara wide Big Scoop Little Scoop was a “sweet” success.