How The Volunteering Process Works

The order of the steps in the application and assessment process can vary, but the following is a general overview of the process. You, the volunteer applicant:

  • Completes an orientation and application form 
  • Submits a Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC), and three references 
  • Participates in a one-to-one interview with a BBBS Caseworker  
  • Completes mandatory child safety and pre-match trainings
  • Is notified of their acceptance/non-acceptance 

The Matching Process

Similar to the application and assessment process, the matching process can vary from program to program, but in general: 

  • Your Caseworker will review and discuss a potential program match with the volunteer, the child or youth, and the family* (*this applies mainly for community-based programming) 
  • Your Caseworker will arrange upcoming steps depending on the programming, including but not limited to the introduction of mentor and mentee. 

If everyone agrees, the match can begin!

Volunteer Application Form

Please provide your information below and one of our Volunteer Enrollment Coordinators will follow up with you.