When Kristen saw how heart broken her son Hudson was over a past relationship, she knew he needed a stable mentor, so she turned to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Niagara. After signing up Hudson to be a mentee or “Little”. Her intention was to “explore the program and see what happens.” Due to the large demand for mentors in Niagara, Kristen was told Hudson could be waiting for up to a year, to her surprise it only took a few months before Hudson was matched with the perfect big brother.

Kristen could not tell Hudson about the meeting right away or he would keep asking. Hudson needed someone older that he could look up to, and his “Big” Dylan was that someone. “Hudson is on the Autism spectrum and struggles with making friends,” says Kristen. She had so many nice things to say about Dylan, “he is just so amazing, he’s very accepting of Hudson. He is extremely committed, patient, and is there for Hudson and his needs.”

 Hudson and Dylan have now been matched for 4 years on June 20th, 2023. “He is a stable friend and relationship in his life, he’s in it for the long haul”. Kristen described her experience with BBBSN as phenomenal and that the match feels like such a natural and established relationship. It lightens her heart when Hudson says Dylan is his best friend!

They are a great example of the amazing impact Big Brothers Big Sisters programs can make in the lives of not just the mentees but also the families involved. Kristen ages others to get involved, “it will be worth it, we are extremely blessed to be involved in this program and encourage everyone to get involved however they can!”